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PPS Foundation was established with the goal of improving the access that disadvantaged South African youth have to the STEM fields at a university level, and to improve their chances of finding a position in those fields upon graduation. It would achieve this through a combination of bursaries, volunteers, mentorships, internships and graduate programs.

The Challenge
To facilitate the brand’s launch event and communicate its mission to The PPS Group members and stakeholders, convincing them to get on board with the idea and contribute on behalf of themselves, their departments and/or their organisations.

PPS Foundation

Announcing The Launch Of PPS Foundation

When the PPS Group launched PPS Foundation, Wetpaint’s services were employed to assist with the unveiling of the new brand. A part of the work was the conceptualisation and production of a low-key, live-action video, with an emotional script, that was to open the launch event and help to encourage member and stakeholder involvement in PPS Foundation initiatives in the education sector.

The Brand Mechanics
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