Our gifted in-house team of animators produces the kind of high-quality creative work that has proven able to simply and effectively communicate any concept to any audience. From relatively basic 2D animations, to fully rigged 3D constructs, Wetpaint has the capacity to meet your animation needs.

Credit Guarantee – Hitchhikers Guide To Trade Credit Insurance

This video was conceptualised, animated and produced by Wetpaint as a part of a wider integrated campaign aimed at educating, convincing and converting the target audience. Through a simple, animated comparison, our goal was to succinctly illustrate trade credit insurance and its advantages for the layman.

Helping Our Client, Credit Guarantee, Celebrate 60 Years In The Industry

Our client, Credit Guarantee, tapped us to conceptualise and produce an animated video for the dual-purpose of building brand awareness and celebrating the company’s 60 years in their industry. Given their dominance of their industry and the scale of their operations in South Africa, we decided to focus on the hard-and-fast facts, highlighting the numbers that illustrate their size and success.

Compliance Institute Southern Africa's 17th Annual Conference

The Compliance Institute Southern Africa annually holds a conference in Johannesburg, centred around educating compliance officers in South Africa and ensuring the growth of awareness of compliance and regulatory responsibilities of Southern African organisations. The Institute employed Wetpaint, not only to organise the event itself, but to produce promotional materials, such as videos like this, to spread awareness of the conference, and to promote the following year’s event.

Ethiopian Airlines: Perfect Journey TV Commercial

For Ethiopian Airlines, we crafted a TV commercial that spoke to the adventurous spirit of travel, utilising the bubbly little girl and the fanciful music to create an atmosphere of whimsy. As with the old adage, the “Perfect Journey” was conceptualised as not being based on the destination, so much as the miles travelled and experience gained to complete it. The music, voiceover and actress were all chosen to emphasise this focus on the fanciful.

Wetpaint Animation Services – Logo Build

For the Compliance Institute Southern Africa’s 17th Annual Conference, we created this introductory video to set the tone for the presentations and talks that were to follow it. The animated assembly of the logo, the sound effects and the background music were all selected by the Wetpaint team to create a strong perception of professionalism, and to grab the attention of the delegates in attendance, making an impression and ensuring that the brand’s identity remained firmly entrenched in their minds.

Helping Our Client CGIC Take On The Industry With A New TVC

To meet the needs of our client, Credit Guarantee, we developed the “Take On” concept, encouraging their clients to tackle the challenges of business, confident to have Credit Guarantee in their corner. Powerful music, building up to an inspiring crescendo match the strong voice of a narrator whose tone and words embolden the audience to take a chance at greatness. While on the screen, the camera cuts from one such business pioneer to the other, each pursuing his or her own dream, as illustrated by the props and various background settings.

Announcing The Launch Of PPS Foundation

When the PPS Group launched PPS Foundation, Wetpaint’s services were employed to assist with the unveiling of the new brand. A part of the work was the conceptualisation and production of a low-key, live-action video, with an emotional script, that was to open the launch event and help to encourage member and stakeholder involvement in PPS Foundation initiatives in the education sector.

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